Automatic Security Gates, Barriers & Bollards


Our gates & barrier systems are designed primarily to provide high levels of security for its designated use whether for residential or commercial sites, each automation system can be operated by control pads or recognition systems, allowing ease of use. Our automation systems include swing gates, slide gates, door operators and driveway gates and automatic gates and automatic bollard systems
Sliding Gates
Sliding Gates are often the best solution for commercial premises with busy access points. Secure cam offer a wide range of sliding gates automation products to suit all applications from residential properties to large commercial sites. The operators for Sliding Gates are capable of moving gates up to 2,200kg.
Electric Gates
Electric gates are extremely useful for commercial properties, as they add security and create a convenient way for vehicles to access. Once your electric gates are installed selection of your access control system is simple. In the event of emergency your electric gates can be manually operated with ease.
Slide Gates
Slide Gates are a practical means of access control. Fitting automated slide gate systems further the ease of use and convenience. We have a range of slide gate operators which are specifically for residential use
Our bollards made to be impact resistant ensuring they will be able to do the job for which they are meant; our city bollards are a metal cylinder with a piston mechanism. Bollards are used to inhibit access and therefore maintain security.
Automatic Bollards
Automatic bollards work by using an access control device to activate a hydraulic system in the foundation housing; our automatic bollards have increased impact resistance due to increased security needs.
Pneumatic Bollards
Pneumatic bollards are used in areas where rapid deployment of barriers is essential, such as high traffic applications such as city bus lines where other vehicles are prohibited. Pneumatic bollards quickly retract when activated allowing access, then are deployed again using the pneumatic system.